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Having a conversation with your drivers about how GPS tracking will benefit them directly is a great way to gain their acceptance of the technology.  The following are 10 benefits to share with your employees to educate them on how GPS tracking will be beneficial to them.

Job Security

GPS tracking will decrease your fleet’s operating costs, which will result in more profitability. Everyone benefits from a fatter bottom line, and job security is non-existent without profitability.

Traffic Violations

In the event of a traffic violation, GPS tracking may hold up as a reliable source of defense which could exonerate a driver from a ticket.

Proof of Driver

Driver ID functionality ensures that a driver is not wrongfully accused of any incidents that happened in a vehicle if that employee was not driving it at the time.

Proof of Location

Determine whether or not the employee showed up to the job site and how long he/she was there. This is helpful for your employee when it is the customer’s word against his/hers, as GPS tracking can very clearly demonstrate the duration on-site.

Complete More Work

GPS tracking can help lead to more service calls completed per day. When employees who are paid by the job/hour learn this, they realize GPS tracking is their friend, not their nemesis.

Reduce Paperwork

GPS tracking software automates reports like time sheets and fuel receipts, which ultimately requires less paperwork to be filled out or turned in by mobile workers and less to sort through for the back office staff. This allows the mobile workers to spend more time performing their job responsibilities and less time filling out paperwork.

Accurately Dispatch

Calling several techs to find out who is closest to an emergency call location not only wastes time for dispatch; it’s a distraction for employees. This will be eliminated with real-time GPS tracking and detailed mapping. GPS tracking makes calling each driver to find their whereabouts a thing of the past.

Driver Safety

Speeding brings many risks and can cost the driver or your company money. Eliminating this type of behavior makes for safer roads and a safer work environment.

Less Vehicle Down-Time

Remote vehicle diagnostics help you stay on top of maintenance for your fleet, and can allow you to perform repairs before they result in breakdowns and productivity-robbing downtime. Preventing an employee from being stranded miles from home, changes perceptions of what GPS tracking can do for you.

Theft Deterrent

For companies that allow drivers to take home company vehicles, off-hours usage notifications can help you/employees to identify vehicle theft as it happens

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